Having your friends around, hanging out with them in the drawing room and gulping down a beer or two in between the endless inconsequential and utterly stupid prattling that stretches late into the night. Yup! Bachelor days, though short, make the most happening part in anyone’s life. 

Now think about it, what brings things together and sets up the mood and environment for such a soirée is your furniture. But, truth be told, furnishing your flat with your choice of furniture is indeed a daunting task for you and your flat-mates. The two usual options you are left with are either to choose for an already furnished flat or take an unfurnished flat and festoon it with the kind of furnishings you like. But both come with their own set of problems.

The first option doesn’t let you choose what you want and in case anything breaks down you may have to replace it with another one. This’d make you feel that buying it by yourself for yourself would be a much satisfying option. But again flat-mates make lasting friendship, but your stay together doesn’t last forever. So, turning towards second hand furniture does make sense and is a pragmatic option. But, you’ll be caught between two stools vacillating whether to rent it or buy it. Renting makes you expend as much money as buying, for the same kind of product and for the same period you use it, but you end up not owning the product. In other words, your money is completely unaccounted for.

And should you choose to buy second-hand furniture, again a lot of questions start darting down your mind. Where do I find the right product? Is the price worthy of the product? How can I be sure of the quality? What about delivery? Can I return it if I don’t like it? 

A team of dedicated entrepreneurs started their journey from these thoughts looking for practical and holistic solutions to these questions.

Thus, began the story of ChocolateFurnish, an online ecommerce platform proffering wide variety of second hand/used furniture and appliances. Based out of Bangalore, these young entrepreneurs already started tasting success and are poised to spread the wings into other cities making buying and selling second-hand furniture not just easy and hassle-free but sweet and chocolaty with their novel and unique approaches. They have furniture, chocolates and lot more to remember them for.

Read the blog, “ 5 reasons why you gotta hightail it to chocolate furnish ” to know more about the unique ways these new-age entrepreneurs are changing the  way you look at second-hand furniture buying.


Shiva Shankara